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Friday, January 05, 2007

Listening to other Preachers

For some time now, I have both read articles by Pastor Mark Driscoll and articles about Pastor Mark Driscoll (positive & negative), but have yet to listen to any of his sermons. This has much to do with my current residence. I live in rural South Carolina, and we only have slow dail-up available to us. So it takes some time to download sermons.

However, I have made it a point to download some sermons during the night. This week, I downloaded two sermons by Mark Driscoll preached from a series on 1 Corinthians titled, "The Weaker Christian," and "Good Sex, Bad Sex."

I found both sermons to be biblically based and his ability to apply the sermons was exceptional. I found myself agreeing with about 99% of everything he preached. The usual exception I had was an occasional "over-the-top" use of humor.

That being said, I believe I am going to add him to the list of preachers I listen to. You can find his podcasts at both iTunes and here.

As the commenter noted, the link I provided above does not transfer to a site which is dedicated solely to Driscoll's sermons. This updated link, as suggested, takes you to his sermon feed through Mars Hill Church in Seattle.

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Anonymous said...

The Resurgence podcast is not really an all Driscoll feed, feeds from his Mars Hill Church in Seattle can be found at:
and more media at:

Recent sermon series video (streamed in flash) is also at