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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Few Good Quotes on Various Topics

"Things are allowed to be said and done at revivals which nobody could defend . . . If, for a moment, our improvements seem to produce a larger result than the old gospel, it will be the growth of mushrooms, it may even be of toadstools; but it is not the growth of trees of the Lord."
C.H. Spurgeon, An All-Around Ministry, 375-376 (Quoted from Revival and Revivalism, by Murray, xvi)

"Even today the earth sustains many monstrous spirits who, to destroy God's name, do not hesitate to misdirect all the seed of divinity spread abroad in human nature. How detestable, I ask you, is this madness: that man, finding God in his body and soul a hundred times, on this very pretense of excellence denies that there is a God?"
John Calvin, Institutes of Christian Religion 1, 55-56

"The task of all Christian scholarship--not just biblical studies--is to study reality as a manifestation of God's glory, to speak and write about it with accuracy, and to savor the beauty of God in it. It is a massive abdication of scholarship that so many Christians do academic work with so little reference to God. If all the universe and everything in it exist by the design of an infinite, personal God to make his manifold glory known and loved, then to treat any subject without reference to God's glory is not scholarship, but insurrection."
John Piper, The Pleasures of God, 298

"Worship is the language of love and growth between believers and God; evangelism is the language of introduction between those who believe and those who don't."
Marva Dawn, A Royal "Waste" of Time, 124

"When we fail morally, physically, emotionally, we do not quit worshipping or outpouring, it is that we change gods."
Harold Best, Lecture Notes from the Worshipping Church Class at SBTS in 2003

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