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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Are our churches really churches if...

This Sunday night, I will be arguing that the central mission of a New Testament Church is the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to sinners.

If your average church is filled with a majority of members who either will not share their faith with anyone in the next year or cannot share their faith with someone in the next year, then does a true New Testament Church really even exist?

It seems to me that after four years of pastoring, this seems to be the chief shortfall of many churches, namely the absence of church members sharing the gospel with unrepentant sinners. And if this is, as I argue, the chief mission of the Church, I do not think God's blessing will ever fall until the Church is willing to proclaim the gospel outside of our Sunday meeting places.

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Glenn Leatherman said...

Is the fact that people don't share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ an indication that they don't worship God thorugh Christ? Does Scripture make it plan that no evangelism in the life of a person or a church is an indication of no God-centered Gospsel worship? People who truly treasure God will share their faith and those that don't won't. Training is secondary, becuase you cannot train passion for the glory of God. People will naturally talk about (witness about) the things that are most presious to them. Pastor's have a responsibility to fan the flame of Biblical God-cented affections through Christ-exalting worship and preaching of the Word of God.