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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

IMB Policy Change

Thought you might all be interested in the online petition and letter to the IMB found at this site This is of course in reponse to fairly recent IMB policy changes that invalidate baptism outside of a Southern Baptist church and reject as missionary canidates those with a private prayer language.
The petition began with former IMB trustees but seems to have branched out since it's beginning a couple days ago. I believe this is a huge issue and a lot is at stake if the IMB is not held accountable on this. Not only are they going outside of the realms of scripture on making this requirement, but the BFM 2000 in no way addresses these issues.
I for one will join the ranks of Chris and Elisabeth Hilliard and affix my name to this important document.

1 comment:

Jason Morrison said...

You are really trying to make our blog the popular spot aren't you?

Well, I have not decided whether or not I will sign the document. As it stands, even though Naomi and I support the Cooperative Program, we are disqualified for IMB service because she was baptized in an Independent Baptist Church which does not believe in eternal security.

I personally hope the policies are undone, but I will not be in Indy to vote on any such proposals.

For now I will spend my energies on local church matters.