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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Private Prayer Language

Just wondering about your thoughts on the recent Lifeway survey that suggests around half of all Southern Baptist pastors use or would be in agreement with a private prayer language? What is your prayer language? Do you plan on speaking about this in San Antonio next week, or are you going to be hanging out with Lebron and Tim Duncan? I have heard in the past that the Alamo Dome is a hard place to shoot in, do you know anything about that? By the way, my private prayer language is English, sometimes with a little Espanol mixed in.


Jason Morrison said...
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Jason Morrison said...

Well, I was a bit surprised to see so high a number of SBC pastors who have a private prayer language. I know Malcolm Yarnell has published a paper at where he points out, in his opinion, what are some of the pit-falls of the survey.

All in all, after reading his paper, I still find the survey straight forward in its questions.

It still bothers me that different segments of SBC life are attacking others. I try to tell myself it will not get to the local church level, but you have recurring incidents like reported presently on

I asked Naomi if she wanted to attend the Spurs game on Sunday night, but she declined (like I had the money anyway).

As to PPL's, I do not have one. I do believe though that Gary Chapman said my love language was words of affirmation or acts of service.

Do you have a church website? I am building a free one through wordpress until I research the whole thing through. See it here: