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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Girls #4

Did I tell you Lydia was into princess items (look at the picture on the fridge).


Brent Blake said...

Ella says that Lydia's princess outfit is beautiful. She also wants to know if Lydia has any circles and to ask her if she knows that squirrels can climb trees.

Jason Morrison said...

Lydia says thank you for your compliment on her dress. She has a few more dresses, so when you guys see each other next time perhaps you can dress in one. Lydia also says that she did not know squirrels could climb trees (Strangely we do not see them much here even though we have trees behind the house). Lydia and her Daddy smiled about the circles question. We are not sure if we have any circles, but we do have two hulla-hoops.