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Monday, June 26, 2006

Update #2

My grandmother continues to recover in the hospital. She is progressing nicely, but is both mentally and physically exhausted. We will receive the pathology results tomorrow (06/26) to learn if the cancer was confined to one area of her colon. We are praying for a good report. Brent, thank you for your prayers. How did your interview go?

Naomi and I explained to Lydia (our newly turned 3 year old daughter) that my Grandma was sick. Tonight as we prayed with her before bedtime, she said she would lead the prayer, and without any encouragement, she began by saying, God help Dadda's grandma who is sick. It was a sweet moment, which I hope to relay to my Grandmother tomorrow.


Brent Blake said...

What a blessing it is to here the prayers of our children and see God working in their lives. Thanks for asking about the interview. Everything seems to be moving along smoothly and I will be preaching before the search committee on July the 9th in TN at New Lebanon Baptist in Baileyton.

Jason Morrison said...

Brent, this is great. We will be praying for you. Is the church in Sevierville?

Brent Blake said...

The church is actually in Seymour, which is a small town located rigth next to Sevierville.